At Floraison, we believe in an all-encompassing 360 approach to the skin and developing a deeper awareness of how our internal health and lifestyles can impact our skin. We're also realistic - we know skincare and machines are not the only solution to skin issues. Skin runs much deeper than that.  

Our team is continuing to grow and bloom and we are beyond delighted to welcome our newest member, Christina Hughes of @foundednutrition to Floraison.

Christina Hughes of Founded Nutrition specialises in digestive health and supporting skin concerns such as acne or hormonal breakouts, psoriasis, eczema and rosacea. After graduating from the prestigious Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London, Christina’s primary interest was in digestive health as this is how she began her personal journey towards nutritional therapy. However, it was while seeing clients presenting with gastrointestinal symptoms, the synergistic link between the gut and skin became apparent. Restoring balance in the gut can often support clients who wish to address their skin health concerns, as well as hormonal issues, immune function and energy levels.
Founded nutrition provides evidenced based dietary and lifestyle advice to help you meet your health goals. Working with a functional medicine approach to address the body’s needs as a whole, we will aim to identify the root causes to your concerns as opposed to relying on a short-term fix to the symptoms.
After returning to Ireland from London, Christina is excited to launch Founded Nutrition with Floraison. Working with Dawn and Kakie, to bring an integrated 360 approach to skin health.

A thorough health assessment and medical history will be conducted leading to a
personalised nutrition programme tailored to you. A food first approach with practical recommendations will empower you to take control of your wellbeing, and optimise your health. Supplements or functional testing may also be recommended if required.
If you'd like to go on a deeper journey with your skin, fill out the contact form below to organise an appointment with Christina.