Créme Aux Acides Des Fruits
Créme Aux Acides Des Fruits

Créme Aux Acides Des Fruits

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What you need to Know


A powerful exfoliating cream, Crème aux Acides de Fruits is ideally to be used at night as a month on, month off intensive treatment. Formulated with a Fruit Acid Complex to moisturise and cellular oligopeptide of amniotic fluid to regenerate, this product containing AHA’s and Natural Moisturising Factors, will enhance the regenerating, moisturising and revitalising effect on the epidermis. Your skin will feel softened, brighter, hydrated and purified. Suitable for normal to oily skin, but also great for skins with slight sun damage or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  Impurities accumulated on the surface of the epidermis are drawn out, giving new radiance and softness to the skin. The complexion is left profoundly enhanced and illuminated.


  • Exfoliates, smoothes and refines the skin’s texture
  • Brightens the complexion, leaving it radiant
  • Softens, purifies and detoxifies the epidermis
  • Smoothes fine lines
  • Hydrates the top layers of the epidermis

Is this for me?

Fantastic for those with dull, pigmented, congested or scarred skin, or for those looking for extra brightness in the skin.


REGENERATING PLATFORM: Complex made of Fruit and Sugar rich in AHA’s, Cellular oligopeptides

How to use

  • Apply a hazelnut-sized amount of Crème Aux Acides de Fruits over all the face, neck and cleavage  your recommended Lotion P50 and Quintessential Serums.
  • This cream should be applied nightly as a one month treatment course (month on, month off), thus respecting the epidermal cycle.

Why Biologique Recherche

There are so few brands that I truly trust and believe in, that I couldn’t have opened my studio using anything else as the main line on my clients, other than Biologique Recherche.

I trust the Biologique Recherche brand completely, from the research carried out into the formulations, to the truly skin changing effects the products have on the skin. Each product is highly concentrated packed with raw ingredients. Its a line that's innovative, with meticulous protocols and procedures. I know that when I'm recommending a product or a routine to a client, their skin will experience some of the finest products on the market.

Biologique Recherche’s ethos fits into that of Floraisons so well - that every skin is unique. Therefore it must be treated that way, with products and ingredients that are truly customised to your skin.