Masque Créme Biofixine

Masque Biofixine

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“My personal favourite of all the masks. The results are instant and long lasting. Try mixing with your other BR masks or adding a few drops of Fluid VIP02 for extra glow!” Dawn, Floraison.

What you need to know

Masque Crème Biofixine brings together the skincare benefits of a mask and the technical properties of an anti-wrinkle cream, all in one product. This innovative multi-purpose treatment gives a tensing and smoothing effect, leaving the skin feeling remarkably comfortable, bright and plumped.

Is this for me?

Recommended for Skins showing signs of ageing.


Oxygenating and regenerating agent:
- Specific BR Oxygenating Complex.
Anti-wrinkle and antioxidant agents:
- Grape Seed Oil, Green Anise Extract.
Purifying and unifying agent:
- White Clay.

How to use

AS A MASK: Apply a thick layer of Masque Crème Biofixine over the whole face, neck and cleavage. Leave for 20mins. Remove with cold cloth. Use AFTER your prescribed P50 lotion.

USED AS A NIGHT CREAM: Apply a thin layer of Masque Crème Biofixine in the evening over all the face, neck and cleavage after your prescribed P50 lotion. Massage the face with ascending movements until the mask has been completely absorbed. Remove in the morning.

Why Biologique Recherche

There are so few brands that I truly trust and believe in, that I couldn’t have opened my studio using anything else as the main line on my clients, other than Biologique Recherche.

I trust the Biologique Recherche brand completely, from the research carried out into the formulations, to the truly skin changing effects the products have on the skin. Each product is highly concentrated packed with raw ingredients. Its a line that's innovative, with meticulous protocols and procedures. I know that when I'm recommending a product or a routine to a client, their skin will experience some of the finest products on the market.

Biologique Recherche’s ethos fits into that of Floraisons so well - that every skin is unique. Therefore it must be treated that way, with products and ingredients that are truly customised to your skin.